Cancer Learning

Frontline Psychosocial Support

Frontline Psychosocial Support

The frontline tutorial explores how to respond to cancer patients who are experiencing acute distress and in need of immediate psychosocial support.

In this tutorial professionals are introduced to practical supportive techniques when responding to a patient who is either angry, distressed or in a state of depression; and techniques to promote hope and dignity in patients facing advanced cancer.

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Clinician:Manager Connect

Clinician:Manager Connect

Developed in consultation with some of Australia’s leading clinicians and health care managers, this module aims to address some of the workplace issues and sources of conflict that may impact upon the professional relationship between clinicians and health care managers.

Over three sections, Exploring the Divide, Identifying Common Ground, and Working Together toward Change, the module provides information, first-hand advice, case studies, practical skills and other activities to assist clinicians and managers to understand the others’ perspective to enhance their relationship in order to better support each other in the shared goal of providing optimal patient care.

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MDC Toolkit

Multidisciplinary Care Toolkit

The multidisciplinary care toolkit aims to optimise the multidisciplinary team's contribution to patient care through establishing and enhancing effective team participation.

This toolkit provides practical information, practice improvement activities and resources for health professionals to utilise within their multidisciplinary teams, including case studies of of teams who have implemented improvement strategies within their teams.

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